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Isimangaliso Wetlands Park Fact Sheet GREATER ST LUCIA WETLANDS PARK now to be known as the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. (iSimangaliso means gift in zulu)


Size : 260,000ha

Eco-Systems : 7


Covers 38,000ha and stretches 64km inland with an approximate depth of only 1m.
FACT : Largest salt water lake in Africa.


Has sandy beaches and the southern-most coral reefs on earth.


A strip of coastal dunes and brush forest which separate the lake and sea.
FACT : Some of the highest dunes measure a height of up to 200m, which is to be considered the highest vegetated dunes in the world.

Mission Rocks

Cape Vidal

Sodwana Bay

Considered one of the top dive sites of the world.
3 Living Coelacanths were discovered on 27 November 2000

Kosi Bay

Largest population of Palm Nut Vulture; biggest natural concentration of Raphia Palm in South Africa and all six species of mangrove trees.


Lake Sibiya

Largest fresh water lake in South Africa with a surface area of 77 square kilometers and an average depth of 13m. The lake was connected to the sea but the estuary mouth had closed. Over the years that followed the water changed from salt to fresh water. Many marine creatures were trapped and had to adapt. Several fish that are now found in Lake Sibaya will be found nowhere else in the world.

The only known population of the rare climbing orchid, “Vanilla Roscheri” can be found at Lake Sibaya. These plants are leafless and have large, extremely beautiful flowers which are white with pink to yellow markings on the lip or throat. These flowers are very fragrant but do not produce beans of commercial use.



Caused by washed-down river sediment.


Sand, forests and fossil marine life.

False Bay Park
Fanie’s Island
Charters Creek
Mkuze Game Reserve


Includes all the coral reefs along the coastline.


Dune forest separating lake and sea.


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